For Impulsora Arra Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond compliance with the law to achieve the objectives of the company, as it is part of our business culture and Our daily operations:

Quality of life in our collaborators,
Business ethics,
Link with the community and
Preservation of the environment


1. Promote and promote a culture of responsible competitiveness that seeks the goals and success of the business, contributing at the same time to the welfare of society.

2. Make values ​​public, internally and externally combat corruption practices and perform based on the code of ethics.

3. Live participatory leadership schemes, solidarity, service and respect for human rights and to human dignity.

4. Promote favorable working conditions for quality of life, human development and professional of the entire community (employees, family members, shareholders and suppliers).

5. Respect the ecological environment in each and every one of the operation and commercialization processes, besides contributing to the preservation of the environment.

6. Identify the social needs of the environment in which it operates and collaborate in its solution, promoting he develops and improves the quality of life.

7. Identify and support social causes as part of the business action strategy.

8. Invest time, talent and resources in the development of the communities in which it operates.

9. Participate, through intersectoral alliances with other companies, organization of society civil, cameras, groups and / or government, in the discussion, proposals and attention of social issues of public interest

10. Take into account and involve staff, shareholders and suppliers in investment programs and social development.


Since its foundation, IMPULSORA ARRA S.A. DE C.V. It has been characterized by encouraging its collaborators and their traros of business, values ​​and basic principles of behavior as respect, honesty, humility, responsibility and justice, which identify the way of being and the daily act of Ours contributors.
In order to consolidate these principles, IMPULSORA ARRA S.A. DE C.V. has established this code which is a declaration of the highest standards of ethics and integrity in everything we do, that unites all of us who are part of IMPULSORA ARRA S.A. DE C.V. under a set of values ​​that they guide our daily decisions and actions.
This Code implies a commitment from our collaborators for observing its provisions, always looking for safeguard the image and prestige of IMPULSORA ARRA S.A. OF C.V. before Shareholders, Authorities, Customers, Suppliers and Associations


Eng. Arturo Farias Torres

President Grupo Arra.


empresa socialmente responsable

With great joy we share that IMPULSOR A ARRA got for the first Once, the badge ESR by publicly and voluntarily fulfilling a management socially responsible as part of the culture and business strategy.